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What is Puerh Tea

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Puer tea originated in yunnan xishuangbanna, etc, because since the ancient times namely, hence its name in the pu-erh tea distribution. Pu-erh tea county and of the hani nationality autonomous county, affiliated pu-erh tea simao areas, is located in south yunnan province, is apart from the kunming 373 kilometers, the original says NingEr county. “Pu-erh tea” for hani language, “universal” for the village, “Er” for the water bay, meaning “water bay village”, with a kind of the meaning of “home”.

Puer tea’s history can be traced back to east han dynasty, it has reached 2,000 years. Folk have “sasha syndrome” (sasha syndrome of yishan refers to The Three Kingdoms period that the prime minister, so zhuge liang) of pu-erh tea at least seventeen years planting use of history

Tang dynasty, when called steps of pu-erh tea, silver born quarter degrees (today), simao and xishuangbanna region born tea is for silver, when the predecessor of the yuan dynasty pu-erh tea WanLiNian doppler tea, Ming called to denominate is puer tea, jisheng period is during the qing dynasty, the pu-erh tea house volunteers “account:” pu-erh tea belongs… weeks in the six enterprise, into the mountains of 800 more than 10 million people “the tea at that world. Simao and xishuangbanna region as its main materials with production sites, simao become pu-erh tea processing and distribution center, the Ming dynasty period for the center with pu-erh radiate outward six tea-horse road, will puer tea marketing to local Chinese, Tibet, Vietnam, myanmar, Thailand, which translates to Hong Kong and Macao, southeast Asia, and even Europe. In the twenty-third year of guangxu period (AD 1897) later, France, Britain has a customs office in simao, increased puer-tea exported, puer tea ma gu, now with the prosperity and simao card room high wine room tea-horse road, 1.5 meters wide, intermittent several kilometers: there are three rooms were outside the tea-horse road, that currie tea-horse road, intermittent 30 kilometers; Puer tea ta-pa-ni pond tea-horse road, remaining 12.5 kilometers, stone water chestnut seal, recorded the history of tea that caravan shipped.

Reference: Chinese Pu-erh Tea

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